We offer one on one private lessons for ages 4 to retiree for most levels and styles. Instruments include: GUITAR, UKULELE, BASS, BANJO, MANDOLIN, PIANO, KEYBOARD, DRUMS, PERCUSSION, SAXOPHONE, CLARINET, FLUTE, VIOLIN, VIOLA  AND VOICE.  
You can choose whatever type of music (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), or style of teaching that best suits your needs, whether it be by tablature, notes or by ear.   Most commonly, students have either a half hour or a full hour lesson on a weekly basisMonthly tuition is $140 for four (4) 30 min. lessons, $200 for four (4) 45 min. lessons, and $260 for four (4) 1 hour lessons. 

We have a NEW STUDENT SPECIAL:  Buy 3 and get the 4th one FREE.  $105 for four (4) 30 minute lessons plus a one-time registration fee of $20 applies to all new students.  May include first book(s) and/or materials depending on the teacher.  We also have a lesson package which brings the price of lessons to $32.  

Music On Main Annual Recital -  It is a day of excitement for our students and parents. The recital showcases the skills your child has learned through the year.  A recital is in it-self a learning experience, builds confidence, and completes the study of music while teaching students stage presentation and performance skills.  We highly recommend this exciting opportunity to perform. Our recitals are low pressure, fun, and family friendly!  If you should decide not to participate in the recital, we encourage you to continue with lessons and come see the show!  

Additional Tuition Information - We have a one-time registration fee of $20 which includes introductory book(s). Payment for continuing lessons is per month (based on number of weeks in a month) and due on either the last week of the preceding month or the first of the month.   Our monthly rate is a discounted rate based on a one-month commitment.  

Payment can be made in one of three ways*:
  • 4 weeks of 30 minute lessons - $140 ($35 each)
  • 12 weeks of 30 minute lessons - $384 ($32 each)
  • One lesson at a time is $40.00
*Pricing based on one 30 minute lesson per week. 

Getting the Most Out of Lessons
  • Come once a week - consistency is important.
  • You should practice a minimum of 20-30 mins. EACH day.
  • Bring your books with you to each lesson.
  • Wash your hands before the lesson.

The Adult Student - Patience & Practice is Key
Adults take music lessons for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it is something they have always wanted to do but only now can find the time to commit the time required to make measurable progress. Perhaps they had lessons as a child and want to brush up on old skills and learn new ones. Whatever the reason, the most essential element needed to be a successful adult student is patience. Unlike children, who are delighted with everything they learn and every piece they play, adults are hyper-critical of themselves and often grow frustrated because their playing doesn't yet sound "professional" or skillful.  Another impediment to successful adult music lessons is insufficient practice time. Adults, understandably, have difficulty committing to regular daily practice, due to the pressures of daily life and the temptation to procrastinate and "cram" what should be a daily practice regimen into one or two days (usually before the next scheduled lesson). We believe it is never "too late" to start lessons, so long as the adult possesses the requisite patience, has sufficient time in his or her schedule  for regular daily practice of at least 30 minutes a day, and is able to leave his or her self-criticism at the door.

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