Testimonials & Thank You Letters from Clients & Teachers
"John Durbin has been teaching our four children music lessons since 1996.  At various times, our children have taken piano, drums, voice, guitar and banjo lessons from John all with great results.  John is a wonderful teacher who is patient, recognizes the strength of his students and builds on them.  He has truly brought out the best from our children and has always encouraged them to pursue their areas of interest.  They are all better musicians for it and we are grateful to have had him as a teacher." 

-  L.P. Vanier
   Palos Verdes, CA

"John Durbin has been my daughter's piano teacher for over 7 years and has done a wonderful job in his teaching ability to maintain her interest in music.  His musical ability is multi-faceted and his command of all the instruments he teaches is amazing.  He has done such good work with her that I started taking guitar lessons from him over 4 years ago.  John has always been impeccable in his timeliness and his attention to detail has been beyond reproach.  I would not hesitate to recommend him and anyone who has the pleasure of knowing him or being taught by him will always have many advantages of his talent."

-  R. Faries, M.D.
   Rolling Hills Estates, CA

"John Durbin is a highly skilled, technical instructor.  He has taught guitar, bass, drums, piano, reeds and voice to a variety of people over the years.  The age ranges of his students have been from 5 to 65.  Some of his students have been with him for over 10 years.  John has excellent people skills, is well liked, professional and very dependable."

-  Jim Foote
   Owner - Music Works
   Redondo Beach, CA

"I have personally known John Durbin for many years.  He is a tremendous music instructor and musician.  He is good with both kids and adults.   I would highly recommend him to anyone."

-  Rick Izumi
   VP & CFO - KG Saxophones, LLC
   Torrance, CA

"John, Can't thank you enough for the great music on July 4th.  Everyone loved it; perfect for the evening.  Looking forward to the next time."  -  Jim Vandever , Ex Mayor, Palos Verdes Estates

"To the Durbins - Just a thank you for all you do....for making our lives perfect in all of this mess!  I truly wanted to thank you both."  - Dylon & Dana

"To the Durbins - I have known you both for quite a long time.  From the first time I came to the studio as a 6 year old student, this place helped me to grow up.  You have really impacted my life and I thank you for that.  I know that when I see young kids walk into Music On Main, their lives will change for the better.  Thanks to you!"
Brian P.

"To the Durbins - I cannot express how thankful I am that you two are in my life.  I'm so glad I met you and I cannot thank you enough for the teaching opportunities  you have given me.  I have never met such generous and loving people.  I feel like after spending three years with both of you, we've become family." - Ms. Marie P.

"To the Durbins - Thank you for the continued support through the years."  - Marisa & Mario, Natural Simplicity

"John, I love having lessons with you!" - Marlee R.

"To the Durbins - Thank you for all of your hard work putting on another great recital.  We enjoyed all of the performances and were so proud of our Avery.  It's so awesome to see her progress.  We are so grateful for this neighborhood studio." - The Russell Family

"To the Durbins - Thank you for teaching us music! " - The Spreitzer Family

"Thank you so much for supporting me in my learning journey for the past 7 years.  It really has been a lot that I've learned during my time at Music On Main.  John has definitely been there at my best and worst and has never judged me based on that.  I can't tell you how much it means to me to be here and coming to take lessons after  so long."  - John B.

"Mr. John, thank you for being the best teacher."  - Joan O.

"To the Durbins - Thank you for always being such helpful, caring and wonderful people/bosses.  Always thankful and grateful for you both." - Mr. Yong T.

 "To everyone at Music On Main - thank you for having such a spectacular recital"  I feel honored to be among such talent.  Thank you for putting on the new guitar strings.  Thank you for the trophy.  Such a blessing.  Thank you for connecting me with Ms. Yasmeen.  She is the best and helps me to grow, develop my talents (that I really didn't know I had) and reach for the stars.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for singing lessons.  It has been such a remarkable journey.  It started with a simple desire to sing, then resulted in the writing and recording of 9 children's songs to accompany a children's program I am writing."  -  Carrie Ann M.

"To the Durbins - I wanted to thank you both for the lessons all summer.  I so appreciate your support.  It means a lot to me.  I'll be back in November for more music.  Thank you!"  - Dylan L.

"To the Durbins - Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn music.  Thanks for the community service opportunity as well.  It meant a lot to me and I appreciate you both!  Thanks for everything!"  - Langston M.

"To the Durbins - I'm so grateful for you both.  Music is like therapy for me to be happy every single day.  Credit goes to you.  I love you guys! " -  Nidhi V.

"John, thank you for teaching us music.  You're the best! "  - AJ & Trevor D.

"To the Durbins - I really cannot express how grateful I am to the both of you for allowing me the wonderful opportunity of teaching at Music On Main.  I'm so grateful for everything - the extra care you take and your understanding.  You two are the best managers I have ever had and I will sorely miss you both.  Thank you for being a part of this chapter of my life."  -  Ms. Michelle D.