Missed Lessons & Substitutions
We are very proud to have such great teachers at Music On Main.  And we understand that things come up and lessons need to be rescheduled at times.  To present you with this high caliber of music instruction, our teachers must be fairly compensated for their time.  When you sign up for music lessons, you are reserving both a time slot from your teacher and a teaching room.  This professional commitment that each student makes with the studio and his or her instructor is why we have these policies in place.  

To cancel a lesson, you must contact the studio directly via telephone call, text, or email 12 hours in advance or you will be charged for that lesson.  We do not want you to lose a lesson, so please contact us to let us know in advance.  

Please reschedule your lesson immediately.  It must be scheduled on a date that lands BEFORE the end of the month or your lesson package.  There are no make-ups for forgotten lessons or missed make-ups.

We do not roll over tuition to the next month or quarter.  

Lessons are non-refundable.

As our teachers are in high demand, if a make-up time is not available on your teacher's schedule, we will make every attempt to schedule with a qualified substitute teacher.

We know that scheduling conflicts come up from time to time, but please make your lesson time a priority.   If an excessive number of make-ups are requested, it may not be possible to continue to hold the student's regular time slot.  

Substitute Teachers - If your current teacher is unable to teach a lesson, a qualified substitute teacher will be arranged.  If your regular teacher becomes unavailable, you will be provided a new teacher with similar teaching style, or the opportunity to choose a new teacher.